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This page gives a brief run-down of some of the sites Atomic has completed over time. Most of the information given here is rudimentary, but you will find links to each site should you choose to take a more detailed look.

completed sites

You may also be interested in viewing our Sample Sites or our Testing Sites. Sample Sites are sites we have quickly done for a potential client to show some of our ideas for their site. Testing Sites are for existing clients whose web site has not yet been completed and launched, and are therefore online on our site for testing purposes.


Mini Screen Shot of the Adelyn Alpacas Web SiteAdelyn Alpacas

This web site is a 'template' driven site designed and supported by Atomic, but maintained by Adelyn Alpacas. The idea with a web site like this is that Atomic designs the look and feel of the site, then makes a template for the client and supplies software. Once the client has the template and the software, they are able to add, remove and edit pages as easily as they would create a letter in Word.

Mini Screen Shot of the Australian Alpaca Association, Victorian Western Region Web SiteAlpacas Vic. West

Before Atomic had their own office space at Proven Products, Bruce was working in shared office space with Geoffrey & Louise Lowe, Proven's owners. One day, a client came to see Geoff, who was busy at the time. Bruce made him a cup of coffee while he waited, and they started talking about web sites. The client was running the Australian Alpaca Association, Victorian Western Region, at the time, and they had recognised the need to get their web site fixed up and modernised.

Mini Screen Shot of the Coastlife Church Web SiteCoastlife Church

Coastlife Church is a large church on the NSW Central Coast of over 1,200 people, and this was a full redesign and modernisation of their site. While not yet in practice, the ultimate aim of this site will be that a delegated person from each team will be able to update the information for their team, but not have access to change or effect other parts of the site.

Mini Screen Shot of the Electra Cafe Web SiteElectra Cafe

Electra Cafe is Bruce's favourite cafe in the Albury/Wodonga region and one of the best places to get a modern Australian meal. Bruce suggested that he could do a web site for them, and after a lengthy period of deliberation, together they came up with this site as the result. This site is great because it really conveys some of the feel and style of Electra Cafe and makes excellent use of their pre-existing logo and colours.

Mini Screen Shot of the Ikon Suspension Web SiteIkon Suspension

Proven Products is the parent company of Ikon Suspension, which came into being when Koni Shock Absorbers decided to not only stop exporting their Motorcycle Shocks, but to wind down the Motorcycle side of their shock manufacturing altogether. Proven, along with other companies, objected. Koni allowed some of these companies to apply for the world-wide rights for the manufacture and supply of Koni's original shock line, and after some time, Proven won the distribution and, as a result, Ikon Suspension was formed. Ikon manufactures all of the previous Koni range (plus a number of new items) to the original or improved specifications and with the same part numbering scheme. If your original Koni Shock wears out, Ikon can replace it for you.

Mini Screen Shot of the Jewel Audio + Visual Web SiteJewel Audio + Visual

Jewel Audio + Visual is a leading supplier of Audio + Visual products for the Corporate, Educational and Home Entertainment markets in Albury and Wodonga. Another template driven site, this one has been fully set up and supported by Atomic, but is maintained by the client. Atomic created the template and also the contact page, but the client is has the ability to change all image and textual content for the entire site.

Mini Screen Shot of the Jonesy's Pipe & Cable Web SiteJonesy's Pipe & Cable

Jonesy's Pipe & Cable is an industrial cabling company specialising in the ploughing and joining of Fibre Optic Cable. Jonesy's is located just around the corner from where Atomic was formerly situated in North Albury. One day we had the strong impulse to go and talk to them about a web site. The timing was perfect due to Jonesy's submitting a Telstra tender and needing a web site ASAP. Before the day was out, we had agreed to produce a web site for them and get it online within two weeks in order to coincide with the due date for the tender. We made the date and the site quite comfortably.

Mini Screen Shot of the Proven Products Web Site

Proven Products OR

Proven Products specialises in the import and distribution of all types of shock absorbers, springs, forks, etc., and has had a web site for some years, currently doing most of their business either via the web or e-mail. When Geoff Lowe found out that Bruce Code was able to do web design, he hired him to revamp their web site. Currently, the Proven site is in its third incarnation (Atomic's second) and Proven has also had Atomic design, implement and host the web site for its manufacturing arm – Ikon Suspension.

Mini Screen Shot of the Salty Air Web SiteSalty-Air

Shortly after the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the proprietor of Albury's favourite Espresso Bar, Coffee Mamma, was explaining to us their desire to do something to help raise funds. With some friends, they had written and recorded a song about the tsunami which they were selling in order to donate funds to World Vision. Atomic saw an opportunity to assist, and so we used the design of the advertising poster (by Fruitful Design) to create and host a web site. The hosting costs and development time were donated by Atomic to help reduce costs.

Mini Screen Shot of the TQM Services Web SiteTQM Services

One of Bruce's first web sites, he was especially proud of this one. The project was more of a package than a site because he designed the site, the logo and the stationery for TQM Services.


Mini Screen Shot of the Australian Van Morrison Show (Van the Man) Web SiteVan the Man (The Australian Van Morrison Show)

The very first site Bruce did – referred from 'a friend of a friend', Van the Man was partly labour of love, portfolio development and money earner. Not only did Bruce design and set the site up, but he also trained the band's lead singer and founder (Steve) to update and publish their Gig Guide on a regular basis. If you are in the Sydney region, we strongly recommend that you find where they are playing and enjoy a good night out.

Mini Screen Shot of the Walla Wines Web SiteWalla Wines

The Walla Wines (Australia) web site came about from a visit to the winery, during which I (Bruce) made the observation to the proprietor that two of the pictures on their tasting room wall were identical, but with the colours changed. After I showed the similarities and described how certain colours could be changed without affecting others, I was asked what I did for a living. I explained that I did web design. I left them with my contact details and was called a few months later and asked if I could do a site for them.

Mini Screen Shot of the Wasabi (City of Wodonga Youth Services) Web SiteWasabi (City of Wodonga Youth Services) OR

I have been mates with the co-ordinator of the City of Wodonga Youth Services for some time. One day I received a call from him out of the blue asking whether I still did web design. To shorten a long story, I inherited a partially completed web site and, keeping the basic look and feel of the site, designed a template-driven site which can be updated at any time by the Youth Services Staff.
NB: This web site is currently 'heavier' that I would usually design, but considering the original files, it is impressively light. The original site was a single file which was 1,054Kb in size (151 second load time) which, in turn, loaded other files and images, etc. (approximately 3 to 4 Mb in total). After extensive reworking, the entire site of 50+ pages is now 1.3Mb in total and the original file has been reduced in size to 84Kb (an estimated 17 seconds load time). Atomic usually aims for a load time of 7 to 10 seconds, or 35 to 45Kb.

Mini Screen Shot of the Wildflower Alpacas Web SiteWildflower Alpacas

Wildflower Alpacas is owned and operated by the former President of the AAA VWR and his wife. After I had completed the Alpacas Vic. West site, they asked me to do their own business site. Currently the site is updated regularly by Atomic, but should at some stage move to a template driven style and be updated by the client.

Mini Screen Shot of the Yerong Creek Estate Boutique Winery Web SiteYerong Creek Estate Boutique Winery

The owners of Yerong Creek Estate are good friends with the owners of Walla Wines, and they often share a trade stand together at such events as the local Farmer's Market and the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. One day I visited Chris from Walla Wines at the Farmer's Market to say g'day, and was introduced to Julie from Yerong Creek. Unfortunately Julie was trying to get a web site registered and set up, but was being given the run-around by people who were more interested in her money than in helping her. I told her that I could have the registration and hosting sorted out within a fortnight, which I did. Once the web site was put online I gave it a facelift to improve load time and away we went.

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